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Founded in 2008, Xinxiang Kangbeier Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech private enterprise which produces and develops medical devices, medical health materials and medical polymer materials.
The company covers an area of 35800 square meters, a construction area of 26000 square meters, a registered capital of 10 million yuan, more than 500 employees, 68 management and technical personnel with bachelor degree or above, advanced scientific research laboratory of more than 300 square meters, 100000 purification workshop of 3000 square meters, more than 500 sets of advanced production equipment, standardized production, products with strong innovation Strength and competitiveness.
The registered trademark of Xinxiang Kangbei Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is "President Kang". It mainly produces more than 60 varieties of medical and health materials and dressings, polymer materials and products, etc., with complete specifications and reliable quality. Among them, polymer bandage and polymer splint are the first production enterprises in Henan Province, filling the gap of production in the province.
Xinxiang Kangbei Medical Technology Co., Ltd. takes "forge ahead and pursue excellence" as the production concept, takes "quality is the starting point of value and dignity, and the cornerstone of reputation" as the quality management goal, and "customer first, complement each other" as the sales tenet. It keeps learning and improving, and strictly demands itself and serves the society according to the standard of "sterile medical device production quality management" To provide safe and effective medical device products and high quality sales and after-sales service. So as to win the trust of customers and become a bright star in the field of medical devices!
Operating enterprises
Xinxiang Kangbeier Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Changyuan County, Xinxiang City, east of 308 provincial road, south of Xinhe (Henan Xinxiang to Shandong Heze) railway, west of 106 National Road, with convenient transportation, prosperous trade, developed economy and wide radiation, it is suitable for commercial operation.
The company has complete procedures, standardized management, complete facilities and functions, abundant funds and various products. We take "honesty and trustworthiness, customer first, real and cheap goods, considerate service" as the business philosophy, take "law-abiding operation, fair trade, mutual benefit" as the purpose, and "achieve win-win, common development" as the purpose, to build a business platform for our customers, provide valuable and fast business information, and constantly launch new products with scientific and technological content. Scope of business: class I, II and III medical devices.
Products: orthopedic equipment: polymer bandage, polymer splint, orthopedic plaster splint, etc.; infusion set, blood transfusion set, dark syringe, polymer products, absorbable thread, indwelling needle, vacuum blood collection vessel, etc.; various anesthesia consumables, analgesic pump, anesthesia package, combination package, surface anesthesia tracheal tube, reinforced tracheal tube, anesthetic gas purifier, respiratory circuit Imaging products: Kodak, Fuji, aikefa, Konica and other laser films, blue and green sensitive films, cassette, sensitizing screen, laser camera, IP board, etc.; disposable medical bags: leather bag, oral bag, perineum care bag, gastroscopy bag, catheterization bag, delivery bag, umbilical cord protection bag, operation bag, bedding bag, dialysis nursing bag, brain pressure bag, endotracheal intubation package , ward nursing bag, angiography bag, trauma treatment package, etc.; disposable medical consumables: Mask cap, cotton swab, cotton ball, PE gloves, instrument protective cover, gauze bandage, gauze block, surgical gloves, medium single, treatment towel, operating clothes, drainage bag, maternal bleeding measurement pad, nose mirror, anal mirror, etc.; all kinds of protective products: protective mask, glasses, N95 mask, etc Electronic sphygmomanometer, disinfection machine, ultraviolet disinfection vehicle, etc.
We sincerely welcome customers to patronize us!!
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